Fragile Tension

Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension (music video)

Fragile Tension
Depeche Mode Fragile Tension, Subttulos Espaol
DEPECHE MODE - Fragile tension (Toronto 2009).mp4
DEPECHE MODE - Fragile Tension (kris menace universe remix)
DEPECHE MODE - Fragile Tension ( mix dj jean alpohin )
"Fragile Tension" é uma música do álbum 'Sounds of the Universe' - Depeche Mode.
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There's a fragile tension,
That's keeping us going
It may not last forever,
But oh well it's blowing

There's something magical in the air
Something so tragic we had to care

There's a strange obsession,
That's drawing us nearer
We don't understand it
It never gets clearer

There's something mystical in our dreams
So simplistic it kicks and screams

All we will seem to reek on the edge of collapse
Nothing can keep us down

There's a dizzying feeling,
That's keeping us flying
Some glittering gauntlet
Without even trying

There's something radical in our hands
Nothing logical to our plans