Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen


Born on January 22, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri, Angel Olsen appeared on the independent music scene as a supporting vocalist in the performances of singer Will Oldham (better known as Bonnie "Prince" Billy) between 2010 and 2011.

The American singer, who lived in Chicago before moving to Asheville, North Carolina, released her first songs on the 2010 'Strange Cacti' EP, a job reduced to voice and guitar.

Associated with alternative country e lo-fi styles, Angel Olsen released in 2012 her first album, Half Way Home, by the Bathetic Records label. Following, the singer signed with Jagjaguwar, a label that released her next albums.

Highlighting the singles "Forgiven / Forgotten", "Hi-Five" and "Windows", Angel Olsen released in 2014 the acclaimed album Burn Your Fire for No Witness, produced by John Congleton. Her third studio album, My Woman, was released in 2016. The following year came out Phases, a compilation of rarities, demos from the beginning of her career and material produced in the My Woman sessions.

Co-produced by Congleton and arranged by a chamber orchestra, his fifth album, entitled All Mirrors, was released in 2019. In 2020, Angel Olsen released Whole New Mess, an album with songs recorded in 2018, only with vocals and guitars, at The Unknown, a studio located inside an old church built between 1909 and 1920 and located in Anacortes, Washington. Nine of Whole New Mess's 11 tracks are early versions of songs from the 2019 All Mirrors album.

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