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With over 300 re-recordings, “Always On My Mind” is one of those timeless love songs. Written in 1971 by songwriters Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher and Mark James, the song has gained memorable versions over time. Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley re-recorded it in 1972. Willie Nelson's 1982 version won the Grammy in the “Song of the Year” category the following year.

However, who first re-recorded “Always On My Mind” was singer Gwen McCrae, in early 1972 and when the song still had a longer name - "You Were Always on My Mind".

The history of the Pet Shop Boys with "Always On My Mind" begins in 1987, when the British television network ITV tried to do a show to mark the ten years of Elvis Presley's death and invited the band as one of the attractions. The duo chose to play “Always On My Mind” in this tribute.

The synth-pop version of the Pet Shop Boys was well received and the band decided to record it as a single in the same year. This cover was four weeks at the top of the British charts. A remixed version was released in 1988 on the duo's third studio album, Introspective.

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