Saint Etienne retorna com novas edições de luxo de seus álbuns

Saint Etienne retorna com novas edições de luxo de seus álbuns


Depois de lançar há alguns meses "Tiger Bay" (1994) e "Finisterre" (2002) em formato de luxo, a banda britânica Saint Etienne decidiu reeditar outros dois álbuns, nesta caso "Good Humor" (1998) e "Tales From Turnpike House" (2005).

Será no próximo dia 25 de Outubro quando a Universal colocará a venda ambos trabalhos em formato duplo de CD, o primeiro com o disco original e o segundo com lados b e faixas inéditas.
As faixas de "Good Humor" são:
01 ‘Wood Cabin’
02 ‘Sylvie’
03 ‘Split Screen’
04 ‘Mr Donut’
05 ‘Goodnight Jack’
06 ‘Lose That Girl’
07 ‘The Bad Photographer’
08 ‘Been So Long’
09 ‘Postman’
10 ‘Erica America’
11 ‘Dutch TV’
01 ‘Hill Street Connection’
02 ‘Hit the Brakes’
03 ‘Madeleine’
04 ‘Swim Swan Swim’
05 ‘4.35 in the Morning’
06 ‘Clark Co. Record Fair’
07 ‘Zipcode’
08 ‘My Name Is Vlaovic’
09 ‘Afraid To Go Home’
10 ‘La La La’
11 ‘Do You Love Me’
12 ‘Cat Nap’
13 ‘Jack Lemmon’
14 ‘Constantly’
15 ‘The Emidisc Theme’
16 ‘4.35 in the Morning (Original Version)’
As faixas de "Tales From Turnpike House" são:
01 ‘Sun in My Morning’
02 ‘Milk Bottle Symphony’
03 ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’
04 ‘Slow Down at the Castle’
05 ‘A Good Thing’
06 ‘Side Streets’
07 ‘Last Orders for Gary Stead’
08 ‘Stars Above Us’
09 ‘Relocate’
10 ‘Birdman of EC1’
11 ‘Teenage Winter’
12 ‘Goodnight’
01 ‘Murder in E Minor’
02 ‘Take Me Home (On a Pushbike)’
03 ‘Another Cup of Coffee (Mike & the Mechanics Cover)’
04 ‘School Run’
05 ‘You Can Judge a Book By It’s Cover’
06 ‘Who Pays The Rent’
07 ‘Woodhenge’
08 ‘Got a Job’
09 ‘Must Be More’
10 ‘Holiday Song’
11 ‘The Leyton Art Inferno’
12 ‘Missing Persons Bureau’
13 ‘Inside The Hive’
14 ‘Aqualad’
15 ‘Book Norton’
16 ‘Quiet Essex’

Saint Etienne - Sylvie

Saint Etienne 'Side Streets'

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