Monomania is a track from the Album 'Monomania' released in 2013 by Deerhunter.


My only boy couldn't leave his lady well
Come on boy let me tell you that
If you wanna be with me
I can be your home away

Come on god hear my sick prayer
If you can't send me an angel
If you can't send me an angel
Send me something else instead

Send my heart to the sea
Oh the empty sea
Well there's a light in the core
And there's nothing left no more
No more no

If you can't choose me
If you can't see
Well there's a light in my heart
And it' won't be there tomorrow

There is a man
There is a mystery whore
And in my dying days
I can never be sure
Well never mind
And then they take me away
And then they take you away
They'll never take me away
And in my mind
There is something rotting dead
I can't compete with her
Let me be released from this


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