For Love

For Love” is a Spooky track, released in 1992 by Lush.


Pretty little girl, she shines
Knowing she is young, she smiles
Happy just to be a prize
Happy just to see his smile

Silly little girl, she tries
Thinking she is good and wise
Doesn't recognize the lies
Pouring from her lips, she sighs

"This is so real
It's what I feel
I look in your eyes and lose myself"

Silly little girl denies
Ever understanding why
Her face is full of sad surprise
Every time she hears him cry

"What do you feel
When you're with me?
I look in your eyes and see myself"

But there's no connection
Just his own reflection
Isn't this the way you wanted me?
(What do you mean?)
In love with you
(What do I feel?)
Do anything
(What do you mean?)
For you

She looked in his eyes to lose herself
And when it falls apart, she cries
Doesn't think to look inside
She just covers up her eyes
Doesn't see her own disguise

And though she feels this sorrow
It will fade tomorrow
She'll pretend that this was really love
(What do you mean?)
She'll make their fall
(What do I feel?)
Seem beautiful
(What do you mean?)
She won't remember this at all
(What do you mean?)
She won't recall
(What do I feel?)
The truth at all
(What do you mean?)
She wants to fall
(What do I feel?)