Funeral Pyre

Phantogram - "Funeral Pyre" (Official Video) (Explicit)

Funeral Pyre
Phantogram- Funeral Pyre (Music Video)
Phantogram - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
Phantogram - Funeral Pyre Live in Oakland
Phantogram - Funeral Pyre LIVE HD (2016) Orange County The Observatory
Phantogram - Funeral Pyre - Live at Bitterzoet
"Funeral Pyre" é uma música do álbum 'Three' - Phantogram.
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Light in the sky
Day into night
Out the sea, paralyzed
All I see is your eyes

My funeral pyre
My ship of fire
As it sinks, I rise
All I see is your eyes

Your eyes, your eyes...

Light in the sky
In the sky