Anohni - I Don't Love You Anymore

I Don't Love You Anymore” is a Hopelessness track, released in 2016 by Anohni.


I don't love you anymore
It's been a while and I am sure
You left me for another girl
You left me in a broken world

You left me lying in the street
You left me without body heat
I curled into rust
My body turned into dust

I couldn't get out of the hole
I was so lonely, all alone
When the phone rang, I wasn't there
When my parents called, I just sat and stared

I went to sleep
Hoped that my life I could cheat
Take me off the face of this lonely world
Let me turn and turn in your love

It's been a while
And I don't love you anymore

You walked away from me
Out of the blue and you were free
I was such a fool
I gave more to keep things cool
But if you showed up at my door
This is what I'd implore

I don't love you anymore
I don't love you anymore
You left me in a cage
My only defense was rage

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