Bárbara Eugênia

Bárbara Eugênia

Born in Niterói, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian singer and composer Bárbara Eugênia has her music attached to elements of the jovem guarda, brega of the 1970s and rock, and guided by her seductive voice.

Bárbara Eugênia moved to São Paulo in 2005. In the city of São Paulo, she sang in two songs from the soundtrack of the film "O Cheiro do Ralo" (2007), by director Heitor Dhalia, at the invitation of producer Apollo 9. Among other collaborations, the singer performed with the 3naMassa project.

His debut album, Journal de Bad, came out in 2010 with the participation of Edgar Scandurra, Pupillo and Dengue (Nação Zumbi), Karina Buhr and Tatá Aeroplano (Cérebro Eletrônico).

The singer returned in 2013 with a new work, entitled É O Que Temos, which brought “Because We Fight”, the version of a song “I Am ... I Said” by American singer Neil Diamond that became known in the voice of the singer young guard Diana.

In partnership with guitarist Chankas, from the band Hurtmold, the singer released in 2014 album Aurora. A new solo album, Frou Frou, arrived in 2015. A new partnership, this time with Tatá Aeroplano, originated in the 2017 album Vida Ventureira. In 2019, Bárbara Eugênia released TUDA.


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