The Cranberries will reissue "No Need To Argue"

 The Cranberries will reissue

Probably "No Need to Argue" is one of the most beautiful albums released in the first half of the 90s and, although "Zombie" ended up being the single par excellence, it is a material in which The Cranberries transformed each song into a world capable of shine on its own.

For this reason, the band has prepared a special reissue of the album, where we will not only find a remastered version, but also include a collection of b-sides, demos, live tracks, an unreleased song entitled “Yesterday's Gone”, the remix of The Orb for "Zombie" and even version for "(They Long To Be) Close to You" by The Carpenters.

This version of "No Need To Argue" will be available on September 18 via Island, in which some unpublished photographs of the band are also included.

The Cranberries - Zombie

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