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Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks will release his second album, My Soft Machine, on Friday the 26th. Before this delivery, the singer shares the video for the track “Devotion”, which, according to her own words, is a tribute to the rock of the 1990s.

In a statement, she wrote:

‘Devotion’ to me is a song about feeling so in love it’s almost like being ripped apart, there’s an intensity, a wildness and a tenderness. 

This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever made, it draws from the bands that made me fall in love with music from Deftones to Yo La Tengo to Smashing Pumpkins to My Bloody Valentine.

The music video for ‘Devotion’ had to feel sweaty and nostalgic and loose. The surreal bluish hue, the sense of feral joy in the performance, the blur and the band – I wanted to pay homage to 90s rock music and the notion of loving so hard it almost destroys you.

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Video: Arlo Parks – “Devotion”
Video: Arlo Parks – “Devotion”
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