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The Jesus and Mary Chain

In 2024, The Jesus and Mary Chain will celebrate its 40th anniversary, which has as its historical reference the release of the single Upside Down in November 1984. In celebration of its four decades, the band will release its eighth album, titled Glasgow Eyes, on March 8, 2024 and, in the same month, will begin a European tour.

Glasgow Eyes

Glasgow Eyes
  1. Venal Joy
  2. American Born
  3. Mediterranean X Film
  4. jamcod
  5. Discotheque
  6. Pure Poor
  7. The Eagles and The Beatles
  8. Silver Strings
  9. Chemical Animal
  10. Second of June
  11. Girl 71
  12. Hey Lou Reid

Jim Reid wrote about Glasgow Eyes:

People should expect a The Jesus And Mary Chain record, and that's certainly what Glasgow Eyes is. Our creative approach is remarkably the same as it was in 1984, just hit the studio and see what happens. We went in with a bunch of songs and let it take its course. There are no rules, you just do whatever it takes. And there's a telepathy there – we are those weird not-quite twins that finish each other's sentences.

The band released the single “jamcod”.

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