Líder do Echo & The Bunnymen reedita trabalhos solo com material inédito

Líder do Echo & The Bunnymen reedita trabalhos solo com material inédito

O Echo & The Bunnymen sofreu um apagão criativo em 1988 depois do lançamento de seu disco homônimo e do falecimento de Pete de Freitas, baterista da banda.

Naquela mesma época Ian McCulloch iniciou sua carreira solo, enquanto que a banda retornava com um novo vocalista para lançar o duvidoso "Reverberation" (1990).
McCulloch por sua vez lançou o bonito "Candleland" (1990) que contou com colaborações de Liz Fraser do Cocteau Twins. Em seguida veio "Mysterio" (1992) e uma década depois, já de volta aos Bunnymen, lançou "Slideling" (2003) e o recente "Pro Patria Mori" (2012).
Agora, seus três primeiros discos serão reeditados com material inédito:
Candleland: Collectors Edition
CD 1: “Candleland” + Bonus Tracks
1. "The Flickering Wall"
2. "The White Hotel"
3. "Proud to Fall"
4. "The Cape"
5. "Candleland"
6. "Horse"s Head"
7. "Faith And Healing"
8. "I Know You Well"
9. "In Bloom"
10. "Start Again"
Bonus Tracks:
11. "September Song" [Short Version]
12. "Cockles And Mussels"
13. "September Song" [Long Version]
14. "Faith And Healing" [The Carpenter´s Son Mix]
15. "Toad"
16. "Fear Of The Known"
17. "Rocket Ship"
CD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. "Proud To Fall" [Long Night´s Journey Mix]
2. "Pots Of Gold"3. "The Dead End"
4. "Everything Is Real"
5. "The Circle Game"
6. "Candleland (The Second Coming)" [Extended]
7. "Big Days"8. "The World Is Flat"
9. "Wassailing In The Night"
10. "Faith And Healing" [UK 7" Remix]
11. "Faith And Healing" [7" Remix]
12. "Faith And Healing" [12" Remix]
13. "Faith And Healing" [Club Mix]
14. "Faith And Healing" [12" Dub]
15. "Faith And Healing" [Rock Mix]
Mysterio: Collectors Edition
CD 1: “Mysterio”
1. "Magical World"
2. "Close Your Eyes"
3. "Dug for Love"
4. "Honeydrip"
5. "Damnation"
6. "Lover, Lover, Lover"
7. "Webbed"
8. "Pomegranate"
9. "Vibor Blue"
10. "Heaven"s Gate"
11. "In My Head"
CD 2: Bonus Tracks
1. "Lover, Lover, Lover" [Indian Dawn Remix]
2. "The White Hotel" [Acoustic Version]
3. "Vibor Blue" [Acoustic Version]
4. "The Ground Below"
5. "Ribbons And Chains"
6. "Birdy"
7. "Dug For Love" [12" Version]
8. "Damnation" [Live]
9. "Pomegranate" [Live]10. "In My Head" [Live]
11. "Do It Clean" [Live]
12. "Proud To Fall" [Acoustic Version]
13. "Return To Sender"
14. "History Chimes"
15. "Honey Drip" [Early Version]
16. "On One" [Early Version of ´Pomegranate´]
17. "Hey, That s No Way to Say Goodbye"
18. "There Is A War"
Slideling: Collectors Edition
1. "Love In Veins"
2. "Playgrounds And City Parks"
3. "Sliding"
4. "Baby Hold On"
5. "Arthur"
6. "Seasons"
7. "Another Train"
8. "High Wires"
9. "She Sings (All My Life)"
10. "Kansas"
11. "Stake Your Claim"
Bonus Tracks:
12. "Crackerjack"
13. "Blue Skies Up Ahead"
14. "Sliding" [Acoustic]
15. "Planet Song"
16. "Jealous Guy"
17. "Prettiest Star"
18. "Arthur (Prague)"

Honeydrip - Ian McCulloch

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