Oh Come On

Oh Come On is a track from the Album 'Run Fast' released in 2013 by The Julie Ruin.


Say it on the street on the lawn on the dial
Make it super sweet but still versatile
Brass buttons on like you're going to your trial
Say it on the beat in the new girl style

Represent oh oh
Every day is brand new!

Shake it on the stairs, in the air, on the town (oh come on)
Make it popular but still say it with a pout (oh come on)
Throw all your words in the deepest ocean (oh come on)
Cover all your wounds with calamine lotion (oh come on)

Everything is right now
Everybody needs you

First you walk
And then you dare to talk
In studied half remarks
That never die (get in the car now)

Then you face
A fancy knife embrace
Why can't you get away
You didn't try (get in the car now)

Everybody says so
I don't really think so

Oh come on!

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