METZ - Drained Lake

Drained Lake” is a Strange Peace track, released in 2017 by METZ.


Forever getting nowhere
While blankly staring into space
Seems like I've always been here
I've heard the pace is back in place

No high is coming down
Bright lights forever flashing
Guess what, I'm bright as hell

I heard the tunnel vision say
"Where are all the thougths you melt away?"
I won't do what you want

I think I'm losing someone
Someone I never will replace
Can't stop from coming undone
Can't seem to recognize your face

Electric motor trashing
Can't [?]
And ties it to the ground

I heard the voice within my head
I heard it hanging it in the air
I won't do what you want
I won't do what you want
I won't do what you want

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