The Brazilian band Autoramas was formed in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1998 by Gabriel Thomaz (vocals, guitar), Simone do Valle (vocals, bass) and Nervoso (drums). Nervoso remained for a short time in the band, being replaced by Bacalhau, ex-Planet Hemp.

Before forming Autoramas, Gabriel Thomaz was already known in the music industry, due to his former band, Little Quail & The Mad Birds, having achieved a certain success within Brazilian rock, in the mid-90s. Bassist Simone had played in the band Dash.

The "rock to dance" and energetic of the band Autoramas mixes surf music, new wave, rockabilly, young guard and the energy of punk rock.

In 2000, the first album was released, Stress, Depressão & Síndrome do Pânico, produced by Carlo Bartolini and released by the independent label Astronauta Discos, distributed by Universal Music. "Fale Mal de Mim" and "Carinha Triste" are the highlights of this album.

Vida Real, the second album, was released in 2001. In December 2002, the band Autoramas toured Japan alongside the Japanese band Guitar Wolf.
In 2003, the third album, Nada Pode Parar os Autoramas, was released by Monstro Discos. Two years later, in 2005, bassist Simone do Valle left the band, being replaced by Selma Vieira.
In May 2007, after some shows in Europe, Autoramas released their fourth album, Teletransporte, on the label Mondo 77. The following year, bassist Selma Vieira left the band. Flávia Couri came in to replace him.

In 2009, MTV Apresenta Autoramas Desplugado was released on CD and DVD. In October 2011, Autoramas released the album Música Crocante on the label Coqueiro Verde Records. Música Crocante received funds from a crowdfunding system, in which fans contributed between R$ 10,00 and R$ 10,000.00 in exchange for the album, concert tickets, among other prizes.

In early 2015, the band announced a new formation, with only Gabriel Thomaz remaining as an original member. Fred Castro (ex-Raimundos drummer), Érika Martins (ex-Penélope) and bassist Melvin (ex-Carbona) joined the band's leader. With this formation, in 2016 the band released the album O Futuro Dos Autoramas.

In 2018, the group released the album Libido with a new formation - Gabriel Thomaz, Érika Martins, Fábio Lima (drums) and Jairo Fajersztajn (bass).

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