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Brendan Benson

American Brendan Benson, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, on November 14, 1970, is a singer / songwriter best known in the alternative rock scene, both for his solo work as well as for joining The Raconteurs, a band formed in 2005, with Jack White (The White Stripes) as the main figure in his formation.

With his music labeled power pop, Benson released his first studio album, 'One Mississippi'', in 1996, at the age of 26. Following, came out 'Lapalco' (2002) and 'The Alternative to Love' (2005). With The Raconteurs, he released the albums 'Broken Boy Soldiers' (2006), 'Consolers of the Lonely' (2008) e 'Help Us Stranger' (2019).

In 2009, Brendan Benson released 'My Old, Familiar Friend', his fourth album. In 2012, he returned with 'What Kind of World', which had 'You Were Right', released in 2015, as successor.

Benson returned with a new solo album in 2020, when he released 'Dear Life'.

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You Were Right
What Kind of World
One Mississippi