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Dylan Carlson / Mark Lanegan

The song "Summertime" by the American band Galaxie 500 gets a performance by Mark Lanegan and Dylan Carlson from the band Earth.

Lanegan wrote about this version:

Dylan Carlson and I giving the garage treatment to one of my favorite songs by Galaxie 500, one of the all-time great bands.

Watch the video:

This interpretation of “Summertime” by Mark Lanegan and Dylan Carlson is part of a series of covers that honor the Galaxie 500, which includes artists such as Thurston Moore, Magnetic Fields and Real Estate. The tribute is to celebrate the re-release of the live album Copenhagen at Record Store Day.


"Summertime" is one of the tracks on This Is Our Music (1990), the third and final album of the band formed by Dean Wareham, Damon Krukowski e Naomi Yang.

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