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Dustin Aksland
Photo by Dustin Aksland

Jason Lytle has already announced the release of his band Grandaddy's sixth album. Blu Wav will arrive on February 16th via the Dangerbird label.

After “Watercooler”, the band shares the track “Cabin In My Mind”.

Blu Wav

Blu Wav is the first album following the death of bassist Kevin Garcia in May 2017.

  1. Blu Wav
  2. Cabin in My Mind
  3. Long as I’m Not the One
  4. You’re Going to Be Fine and I’m Going to Hell
  5. Watercooler
  6. Let’s Put This Pinto on the Moon
  7. On a Train or Bus
  8. Jukebox App
  9. Yeehaw Ai in the Year 2025
  10. Ducky, Boris and Dart
  11. East Yosemite
  12. Nothin’ to Lose
  13. Blu Wav Buh Bye

Also listen to “Watercooler”.

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