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With their music more focused on space rock, Grandaddy was one of the most acclaimed bands to emerge on the American indie rock scene in the second half of the 1990s. Formed in 1992 in Modesto, California, by Jason Lytle (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kevin Garcia (bass) and Aaron Burtch (drums), the group released their first lo-fi recordings on cassettes, including their first album, Complex Party Come Along Theories, released in 1994 in just 200 copies.

In 1995, their lineup was expanded with the addition of Jim Fairchild (guitar) and Tim Dryden (keyboards). The following year, the EP A Pretty Mess by This One Band was released on the Will Records label. In 1997, the band released Under the Western Freeway, considered Grandaddy's first official album. Under the Western Freeway was very well received by critics. However, it was with The Sophtware Slump, an album released in 2000, that the group gained fans on all continents. The Sophtware Slump has received enthusiastic praise from publications such as NME, The Independent, The New York Times and the Daily Telegraph. 

Subsequently, the band released two studio albums that were also well received by critics — Sumday (2003) and Just Like the Fambly Cat (2006). Before the release of Just Like the Fambly Cat, Jason Lytle had already announced the end of Grandaddy. 

After the end of the group, its members dedicated themselves to other projects. In 2009, Jason Lytle released his first solo album.

In 2015, Jason Lytle announced that Grandaddy was working on a new album. In March 2017, the group released Last Place. On May 1st of the same year, bassist Kevin Garcia suffered a stroke and died the following day, at the age of 41. The band returned with a new work in 2024, when Blu Wav arrived.

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