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The American band Luna released two re-recordings of songs by two pop icons through the Bandcamp platform — “Satellite of Love” by Lou Reed and "Starman" by David Bowie

Regarding the “Satellite of Love” cover, Dean Wareham wrote in a newsletter:

We were a hesitant to cover a song that is already one of the greatest recordings in rock history, as it appears on Reed’s Transformer album (produced by David Bowie), but it has been fun to play live and we have put our own spin on it. Britta and I recorded a demo of “Satellite” at home a few months ago; we sent that along to Lee Wall who sped it up and played drums, then on to Sean who played a Ronson-esque guitar solo. Then it was back to Lee for mixing and you can actually hear all four of us are singing at the end.

The Ronson mentioned by Wareham is Mick Ronson, guitarist, arranger, composer and producer, who in the early 1970s was a member of The Spiders from Mars, David Bowie's backing band.

Listen to both tracks below via Bandcamp.

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