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The Folk Implosion

Lou Barlow's most important band, after Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh, will release its fifth album on June 28th. Walk Thru Me arrives twenty years after 2003's The New Folk Implosion

Barlow and Davis returned with The Folk Implosion in 2021 and the following year released the EP Feel It If You Feel It.

From this new work we can hear the track “Moonlit Kind”.

Walk Thru Me

  1. Crepuscular
  2. The Day You Died
  3. Walk Thru Me
  4. My Little Lamb
  5. Bobblehead Doll
  6. The Fable and the Fact
  7. Right Hand Over the Heart
  8. Water Torture
  9. O.K. to Disconnect
  10. Moonlit Kind
Walk Thru M
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