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thurston moore
Photo by Eleanor Jane

Thurston Moore has announced the release of a new solo album, Flow Critical Lucidity. With this confirmation comes a new song, “Sans Limites”, which features the collaboration of Lætitia Sadier from Stereolab on vocals.

Moore wrote about this track: 

“Sans Limites” begins with a cyclic guitar & piano figure which expands further and further with each revolution before settling into a two-chord measure introducing lyrics intoning not only about eradicating any limitations towards enlightenment, but going beyond limitations. The idea that a soldier can fight the good fight. A warrior against war.

Flow Critical Lucidity

Flow Critical Lucidity is Thurston Moore's new solo album. This work was recorded in London and, among the musicians who accompanied Moore on the recordings, was Deb Googe (bass) from My Bloody Valentine, who constantly collaborates with the American musician.


  1. “New In Town”
  2. “Sans Limites”
  3. “Shadow”
  4. “Hypnogram”
  5. “We Get High”
  6. “Rewilding”
  7. “The Diver”
  8. “Isadora (Bedazzled Mix)” (Flexi LP Bonus Track)

Previously, Moore had shared the tracks “Isadora”, “Hypnogram” and “Rewilding”.

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