Silhouette” is a track from the Album Have You in My Wilderness released in 2015 by Julia Holter.


I go out to find
The one with whom I've seen the last moons
Once the curtains lifted

And he said I will swim to you

Language is such a play
He called his exit but his eyes are resolute
What [?] is it today
I feel I'm walking around in blue

He can hear me sing
He can hear me sing
Though he is far
I never lose sight of him

He turned to me
Then looked away
A silhouette
A silhouette
Still he turns to me

I'll hand him his coat
It's exactly where he left it long ago
We'll fall all over floorboards
I lose my breath just envisioning the scene

Mysteries that wake up late
The table's set and the painting of his face
No time to hesitate
I seed all my love and play your abandoned food

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