Where have all the virgins gone
Sleepin' on their parents lawn?
Bad kids sent to summer school
Skip to skate in the empty pool
No one seems to listen
The rule is no exception
Don't ever change
Bad is good enough

Please won't you stay with me
I'm beggin' tonight
I'll hold back your hair if you're not feelin' alright
There's nothin' left for us here
This town has spit us out, dear

I drag my feet up and down these halls
I write my name on the bathroom walls
There's nothin' sacred to me
I lost it in the back seat

I believe there's room for friends in all beds
It all depends on what they said
Opposites attract sometimes
But others find that love is blind
And I don't mind

Where have all the virgins gone,
Sleeping on their parent's lawn?
Don't ever change
Bad is good enough


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