Band formed in 1990 in Glasgow, Scotland, Travis emerged in the second half of that decade within the movement commonly called post-britpop. Francis Healy (vocals, guitar), Andy Dunlop (guitar), Dougie Payne (bass) and Neil Primrose (drums) released their first album, Good Feeling, in 1997. The second album, The Man Who, which had the song "Why Does It Always Rain on Me? " as a highlight, it came out in 1999.

Travis' music was characterized by smooth and engaging ballads. The 2001 album The Invisible Band featured the hits "Sing" and "Side". Following, the band released the albums 12 Memories (2003), The Boy with No Name (2007), Ode to J. Smith (2008) and Where You Stand (2013). A new album, Everything at Once, was released in 2016. Four years later, 10 Songs arrived.

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