New Order releases video for 1983 song "Age of Consent"

New Order releases video for 1983 song

Music was remastered for special edition of Power, Corruption & Lies

In October, New Order released a special box with material related to its second album, Power, Corruption & Lies (1983), entitled “Power, Corruption & Lies Definitive Edition”.

Now, the band is releasing a new video for the remastered version of "Age of Consent", track from the aforementioned album. See below the video clip, in which the song works as an escape valve for the character that appears to be trapped in a moment of torment.

New video for old song

It is not the first time that New Order has renewed an old song as a new music video. In 2006, the 1987 version of "Temptation" won a clip featuring vocalist Victoria Bergsman (The Concretes, Taken By Trees), which became known as "The Temptation of Victoria". In the video, the protagonist played by Victoria steals a bouquet of flowers and a vinyl record, a reference to Ian Curtis (Joy Division), who at the beginning of her youth used to go out in a baggy coat to steal records in Macclesfield.

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