Joy Division celebrates 40 years of "Closer"

 Joy Division celebrates 40 years of


Joy Division released a limited and remastered edition of their album "Closer" (1980). This new transparent vinyl edition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the British group's second album, after last year's publication of the limited commemorative edition of their first album, "Unknown Pleasures" (1979). In 2019, Joy Division released the official music videos for "Unknown Pleasures".

With only two studio albums, Joy Division is one of the most influential groups in music history. His sound, his repertoire, his lyrics, the magnetic personality of his singer Ian Curtis (who died on May 18, 1980), even the covers of his albums continue to attract the interest of thousands of fans worldwide.

Along with the release of this 40 year edition of "Closer", limited remastered limited editions on 12 "Transmission", "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Atmosphere" and "Closer" are also on sale. These singles have been discontinued for years and can now be purchased in 180 gram editions that include original art.

Transmission 12”
A: Transmission
B: Novelty

Love Will Tear Us Apart 12”
A: Love Will Tear Us Apart
B: These Days

Atmosphere 12”
A: Atmosphere
B: She’s Lost Control

Closer 12”
Side A
Atrocity Exhibition
A Means To An End

Side B
Heart And Soul
Twenty Four Hours
The Eternal


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