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Screaming Females

American trio Screaming Females announced their separation. The band formed in 2005 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, comes to an end after eight albums released. The last one, Desire Pathway, arrived in February this year. 

Below is the statement published on the band's official website regarding the separation:

After 18 years we have decided that Screaming Females is coming to an end. A lot changed around us over those 18 years but at our core we operated pretty much the same throughout. We funded and made the records we wanted to make. We did our own art. We printed a lot of our own merch. We managed ourselves. Probably most importantly we loaded up our van with our gear and traveled around the world to play shows wherever you would have us. We tried to build and celebrate community the best we could. There are too many people to thank and too many things that should be said but right now we have some leftover merch that we would love to get out of Mike's basement! Order something for you, your friends, your family, your pets!

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Screaming Females announce breakup
Screaming Females announce breakup
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