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Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead

In the late 1980s, twin brothers Simone and Amadeo Pace traveled from their country, Italy, to the United States to study jazz at the renowned Berklee School of music in Boston. Over time, the two lost interest in school subjects and became interested in rock music. Simone and Amadeo went to New York, where they met Kazu Makino and Maki Takahashi, Japanese art students. In 1993, the quartet formed Blonde Redhead, with Kazu Makino and Amedeo on vocals and guitars, Simone on drums and Maki Takahashi on bass.

Blonde Redhead was discovered by Steve Shelley (drummer for Sonic Youth), who produced and released the band's first album, Blonde Redhead (1995), on his own label, Smells Like Records. After the release of Blonde Redhead, the group became a trio with the departure of Maki Takahashi.

Due to its experimentalism, with a certain dose of noise, the band's music was compared to Sonic Youth's own work. Still on Smells Like Records, the band released the album La Mia Vita Violenta in 1995. In 1996, the band signed with the Touch and Go record label, through which they released the works Fake Can Be Just As Good (1996), In an Expression of the Inexpressible (1998) and Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000).

From 2004 onwards, Blonde Redhead started to release their work on the 4AD Records label. Misery Is a Butterfly (2004), 23 (2007) and Penny Sparkle (2010) were the group's next albums. In 2014, on the Kobalt Music label, the group released Barragán.

In 2023, the band released their tenth studio album. Sit Down for Dinner received positive reviews from websites such as Pitchfork, Allmusic, BrooklynVegan, among others.

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Sit Down for Dinner
Penny Sparkle
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