His music was described as experimental black metal, with influences from shoegaze. The band Deafheaven was formed in 2010 in the American city of San Francisco by George Clarke (vocals) and Kerry McCoy (guitars). The duo released an EP in 2010 on the Deathwish Inc label.

With its lineup expanded, also featuring Nick Bassett (guitar), Derek Prine (bass) and Trevor Deschryver (drums), the band released his first album, Roads to Judah, in 2011.

Sunbather, the second album, was recorded by the duo George Clarke and Kerry McCoy, with the collaboration of drummer Daniel Tracy. Sunbather was released in June 2013 and was widely critically acclaimed.

In 2015, Deafheaven released the album New Bermuda on the ANTI label. A new album, entitled Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, was released in 2018. This album features the collaboration of Chelsea Wolfe on the track "Night People". With a more shoegaze-oriented sound, Infinite Granite, the band's fifth album, arrived in August 2021.

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