Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

The English band Dry Cleaning was formed in 2018 by Florence Shaw (vocals), Tom Dowse (guitar), Lewis Maynard (bass) and Nick Buxton (drums). With their music rooted in post-punk sound and having Sham's predominantly spoken vocal as its most distinctive feature, the quartet was well-received with their debut album, New Long Leg, released in 2021.

In 2019, the band released a few singles and the EPs Sweet Princess and Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks. These records earned him comparisons to bands like Wire, The Fall, Magazine and Joy Division, and also a 2020 record deal with 4AD, which released the single "Scratchcard Lanyard".

Produced by John Parish (better known as a collaborator with Pj Harvey), New Long Leg arrived in April 2021. Also in that year, Dry Cleaning collaborated with the compilation Bills & Aches & Blues, in which several 4AD artists cover other songs. bands in the label's 40-year history. The quartet contributes a version of the song "Oblivion" by Canadian artist Grimes.

The band released their second album, Stumpwork, in 2022.

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