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Jehnny Beth is the stage name for French singer, songwriter, musician and actress Camille Berthomier. Born on December 24, 1984 in the city of Poitiers, she emerged in music as a member of the duo John & Jehn, who had Nicolas Congé, known as Johnny Hostile, as her partner. Under the influence of artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Velvet Underground and Joy Division, the duo released the albums John & Jehn (2008) and Time for the Devil (2010).

In 2011, living in London, Jehnny Beth formed the band Savages with Gemma Thompson, Ayse Hassan and Fay Milton. With the acclaimed debut album Silence Yourself (2013), the band became a sensation in English rock. Her second album, Adore Life, was released in 2016.

In 2020, Jehnny Beth released her first solo album, To Love Is to Live.

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