Foster The People

Foster The People

The American indie pop group - more dance oriented - Foster the People was formed in Los Angeles in 2009 by Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Mark Pontius (drums, percussion) and Cubbie Fink (bass, backing vocals) ). The band started receiving significant attention in 2010, when they released the single "Pumped Up Kicks" and signed with the Startime International label.

In January 2011, the band released an EP of the same name. In May of the same year the first album, Torches, arrived. Titled Supermodel, the second album was released in March 2014. The following year, Fink left the band.

In 2017, Isom Innis and Sean Cimino, musicians who toured with the group, were added to the formation of Foster the People. In the same year the album Sacred Hearts Club came out.

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