Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam appeared in the city of Seattle, in the United States. The band was one of the most popular and influential of the 1990s. Along with Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains and Mudhoney, the group helped to popularize grunge in the beginning of that decade.

The band has an unusual brand: during the "Binaural" tour, it released 72 double CDs, which brought each of the tour concerts in full. His attitudes in defense of fans, such as a lawsuit filed against Ticketmaster (which monopolizes the ticket sales market in the US) have become milestones. In the case against the ticket distributor, the band demanded in court that the company reduce its profits in order to lower the price of tickets for their concerts, so that fans would benefit. Adding that to political engagement and humanitarian aid causes, Pearl Jam has become one of the most idolized and respected bands in rock history selling about 30 Million records in the United States, and 60 Million worldwide, besides being the record-breaking band for live albums.

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