Of limousines
What's the best place
That you have seen
All of the hands
That you have shook
Home of the queen of everything fancy
Is there a smell
That you can tell
Gives you some peace
Sends you to hell
All of the beds
That you have yearned
Is there a dream to
Where you'd return
Where is the plight
With the most stars
Where do you drink
By Echo guitars
What's the best shore
Seen from a boat
Miniature heads that
Color the shore line
If you could rest
A minute to tell
Get me some grass
Iridescent shells
I know there's a nest
Fit with a hatch
Sunset a glowin'
Makes us all sweaty

I don't even know where to begin
Or how I should start these days.
The green mountain south or
The Clay of the westerns

The Maryland meadows at midnight they do have a misty grace
Take a trip to blue bayou
Find Roy Orbison cryin'

A continent molded from glass
Or maybe a town I can taste. Dresses that glow on
Girls from Barcelona

I wanna discover the key
And open the everywhere place
A mix of sky from Montana
Dipped in FloriDada

[Chorus x4:]
Flori Flori Flori Flori Florida
FloriDada FloriDada

Demented men
Where is the place
We can extend
Crooked state lines
Polka dot signs
Say that this place is
A state of mind
Pretty lip girls
Paint me the halls
Not on a street
Not near a mall
Raise me a thumb
From human skin
That isn't judged by
Where it begins
Show me the clams
Show me the pearls
Mail me a note
Sent from a world
That isn't so far
And always right here
Where all the boundaries
Have disappeared
And all the nights
Are stitched with a glue
That's sticking to me
And I'll stick to you
I'll take your hands
You'll take my face
And everywhere home will
Be a good place

I found myself there a collagin'
With all of the human race
A dancer from Ghana
Smiling in Tijuana
I Frankenstein java with touches of Prada
And corn on the plates
A smear of gardenia
In the fair hair of sweden
And maybe I actually visited
Some sort of mythical place
Or was it a future
Connected by sutures
Oh let's go get lost in the image
I made of the everywhere place
I see the lads from Osaka
Dyed in FloriDada


[Chorus x2]


Where's the bridge that's gonna take me home
The bridge that someone's fighting over
A bridge that someone's paying for
A bridge so old so let it go

[Chorus x6]