Anna von Hausswolff


Singer, songwriter and pianist Anna Michaela Ebba Electra von Hausswolff was born on September 6, 1986 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Its first presentations took place in 2008.

Her debut EP, TTrack of Time, was released in February 2010. Soon after,Singing from the Grave, the first album, was released.

With these first works, Anna von Hausswolff was acclaimed in the Swedish alternative music scene, being critically acclaimed, receiving comparisons with Kate Bush, because of her expressive voice.

The singer released the album Ceremony in 2012 in Sweden. However, its international launch took place only in July 2013. In 2015, she released The Miraculous. On the recordings for the 2018 Dead Magic album, she used an organ made in the mid-20th century and located in a church in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2020 All Thoughts Fly arrived, the artist's fifth album.

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