The Vaccines


The Vaccines had a rapid rise on the British indie rock scene. Formed in 2010, the band released their first single - Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) / Blow It Up - in November of the same year. Justin Young (vocals/guitar), Anri Hjorvar (bass), Freddie Cowan (guitar) and Pete Robertson (drums) gained ground in the music business, drawing comparisons to Surfer Blood, The Drums, The Strokes and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

The band signed with Columbia Records and in January 2011 came out their second single, Post Break-Up Sex. Then, in March, their first album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, was released.

The Vaccines Come of Age or simply Come of Age, the band's second album, came out in September 2012, which was followed by English Graffiti, an album produced by Dave Fridmann and released in May 2015. In 2016, Pete Robertson left the band.

In 2018, The Vaccines released Combat Sports with two new members, keyboardist Timothy Lanham and drummer Yoann Intonti. The band returned in 2021 with Back in Love City.

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