Electro-pop band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Poliça was formed in 2011 by vocalist Channy Leaneagh and producer Ryan Olson. His music flirts with styles like dream pop, R&B and electronica. Her debut album Give You the Ghost (2012) was critically acclaimed. Following that release, the band toured with The XX.

Shulamith, album released in October 2013, features Justin Vernon ((Bon Iver) on the track "Tiff". A new full-length work, United Crushers, came out in March 2016. In 2018, the band released Music For The Long Emergency, an album in partnership with the German experimental collective s t a r g a z e.

Poliça returned in 2020 with When We Stay Alive, an album that was born while Channy Leaneagh was recovering from a roof fall in 2018, that caused him to break his lumbar vertebrae.

A work arrived in 2022 under the title of Madness.

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