American band formed in the city of Athens, Georgia, in the late 1970s under the influence of punk rock, Pylon is considered one of the precursors of the influential alternative rock scene in the 1980s. The group, which was also associated with styles new wave, jangle pop and funk rock, did not achieve the same success of his countrymen and contemporaries The B-52's and R.E.M., but he became worshiped mainly for being quoted by R.E.M. himself as one of their influences.

Guitarist Randall Bewley and bassist Michael Lachowski started the band in 1978 playing in a small studio. Curtis Crowe, who lived on top of that studio and listened to rehearsals, joined the pair as a drummer. The following year, Vanessa Briscoe Hay was added to the group as a vocalist. The four members had in common the fact that they were art students at the University of Georgia.

Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson of The B-52's, who attended one of the group's first shows, helped promote Pylon by nominating him for a manager. The quartet released their first single, "Cool", in 1979 on the DB Records label. The following year came the first album, Gyrate. In 1983, the band released Chomp, their second album. However, at the end of that year, after spending a tour with U2, after being badly received by the Irish band's audience, Pylon decided to split up.

In 1985, R.E.M. released a cover of the song “Crazy”, track from Pylon's second album, as side B of the single “Driver 8”. This version also appeared on the compilation Dead Letter Office, released by Michael Stipe's band in 1987.

After a few sporadic shows, Pylon got together in 1989. The band opened some R.E.M. on the Green album tour. The following year, the group released their third album, Chain. However, with the departure of guitarist Bewley in 1991, the group broke up again. Pylon returned in 2004 to make presentations. The end of the band was decreed in 2009, when Bewley passed away after suffering a heart attack.

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