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The Rosebuds
The Rosebuds

The Rosebuds, which features elements of indie rock, dance and folk in their music, was formed by the couple Ivan Howard (vocals, guitar) and Kelly Crisp (keyboards, vocals) in the American city of Raleigh (North Carolina) in May 2001 , in the month they were married. At that time drummer Billy Alphin was added to the band.

The band released a demo that was eventually discovered by Merge Records. The label released Make Out, the trio's first album, in 2003. After recording this album, Billy Alphin left the group.

Birds Make Good Neighbors (2005), Rosebuds' second album, featured drummer Lee Waters in the formation of the band. In the third, the dancing Night of the Furies (2007), the band was reduced to the duo Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, with some guests, in the recordings. The band's fourth studio album, Life Like, was released in 2008.

Even after the end of the marriage, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp continued with the band. And in 2011, they released Loud Planes Fly Low, the fifth album. A new work, Sand+Silence, came out in 2014 on the Western Vinyl Records label. All previous albums were released on Merge Records.

After Sand+Silence, the band went on a long hiatus. Ivan Howard started to dedicate himself to solo projects and Kelly Crisp started to work as a writer.

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