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Minimalist psychedelia is the main feature of Spiritualized's music, an English group formed by vocalist/guitarist Jason Pierce (also known as J Spaceman) in 1990 in the English city of Rugby. Pierce, during the 1980s, led – with Peter Kember – the cult band Spacemen 3, the psychedelic rock icon of that decade. Space rock, dream pop and shoegaze are some of the genres in which Spiritualized's music is often classified.

Despite forming the band with former Spacemen 3 colleagues Will Carruthers (bass), Jonny Mattock (drums) and Mark Refoy (guitar), Jason Pierce has always been the only permanent member of the group who has always had a constant lineup change.

Lazer Guided Melodies, the band's first album, was recorded over a two-year period and released in early 1992 on the Dedicated label. In 1993, Spiritualized was cast to open Depeche Mode's European tour for the Songs of Faith and Devotion album, but audiences greeted Jason Pierce's band with hostility and the group had to leave the tour after six shows.

After their debut album, the band released the albums Pure Phase (1995) and the acclaimed Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (1997), which was voted album of the year by the NME, hitting two important albums that year - OK Computer (Radiohead) and Urban Hymns (The Verve).

Let It Come Down, 2001 album, included more than 120 musicians in its recording sessions. In 2003 Amazing Grace came out, an album with soul, gospel and blues influences.

Spiritualized returned in 2008 with the album Songs in A&E. In 2012 came Sweet Heart Sweet Light, the band's seventh studio album. Six years later, the group released And Nothing Hurt. Next came Everything Was Beautiful.

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Featured Albums

And Nothing Hurt
Songs in A&E
Amazing Grace
Let It Come Down
Pure Phase
Lazer Guided Melodies

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