Formed in 2004 in Los Angeles, Warpaint initially had sisters Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass) and Shannyn Sossamon (drums), Emily Kokal (vocals / guitar) and Theresa Wayman (vocals / guitar). Later, Shannyn Sossamon left the quartet, being replaced by Stella Mozgawa. His music is associated with styles like dream pop, art rock and psychedelic rock.

The band caught the eye of John Frusciante, who mixed the EP Exquisite Corps, released by the group in 2008 and re-released in 2009 by the label Manimal Vinyl. In 2010, Warpaint released Rough Trade's first album, entitled The Fool. Released in January 2014, their second album, self-titled, was produced by the band and producer Flood. In 2016, the band released Heads Up.

United States

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Heads Up

2016 | Album


2014 | Album

The Fool

2010 | Album

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