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The Hives emerged on the alternative rock scene in the early 2000s, within the so-called post-punk revival, when bands like the Strokes, The Walkmen, Interpol and White Stripes also emerged. 

The band started in 1993 from the union of five teenagers in the city of Fagersta, Sweden. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist (vocals), Nicholaus Arson (guitar, keyboards), Vigilante Carlstroem (guitar), Dr. Matt Destruction (bass) and Chris Dangerous (drums) released their first EP, Oh Lord! When? How?, on the Burning Heart label. In 1997, the first album, Barely Legal, was released. The second complete work, entitled Veni Vidi Vicious, arrived in the year 2000, bringing the singles "Hate to Say I Told You So", "Main Offender", "Die, All Right!" and "Supply and Demand". 

In 2001, the Poptones label, owned by producer Alan Mcgee, who in the 80s owned the Creation label and which revealed essential bands such as Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fanclub, released the compilation Your New Favorite Band, bringing together tracks from the band's first two albums and EPs. Subsequently, The Hives released the albums Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004), The Black and White Album (2007) and Lex Hives (2012). After a long hiatus, the group released The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons in 2023.

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